EURO 2012 Predictions and Tips for all Matches

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The Euro 2012 it the main event of the entire year, in terms of betting. National pride will grab a hold of anyone following this international football tourney, be it young or old. Due to this occasion, will once again, offer prizewinning predictions and tips to all teams, rounds and matches of the Euro 2012, written by professional sport journalists and football experts with crystal clear arguments, facts and evidence.

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Match Predictions and Betting Tips for upcoming Euro 2012 Matches:

Predictions and betting tips for the past Euro Cup matches:

GROUP A, 08. Jun 16:00

National Stadium, Warsaw


The Euro 2012 Opening Game is going to take place between host Poland and Greece. The Greek have not lost a single one of their qualification matches and only suffered 5 goals in 10 games. But the Polish team is going to be cheered by 58.000 fans in the Narodowy stadium, which will cause them to play better than expected and maybe even get them a narrow victory, in the end. Historical data also speaks in favor of the host because Poland has only lost one out of ten matches against the Greek. We predict a very close result of the match.

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GROUP A, 08. Jun 18:45

Municipal Stadium, Wroclaw


So far Russia encountered the Czech Republic once before. The match ended in a spectacular 3:3 tie. This was 16 years ago… In the qualification games of the Euro 2012, Russia prevailed against Ireland and Scotland as group winner. The Czech Republic, instead, had to enter the play offs as second in group, behind Spain. Both relegation matches against Montenegro ended without having to concede a goal for the team of Michael Bilek. At the 8th of June, we see the advantage on the side of the Russian Team, though. This is why we suggest, betting on a Russian victory.

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GROUP B, 09. Jun 16:00

Metalist Stadium, Kharkiv


The Netherlands are definitely the favored team in the first match of Group B. Their last match at the World Championship in 2010 was won by the Dutch, with a final score of 2:0. This time we see the Netherlands in the lead, as well. The former European Champion of 1992 will probably not be able to do anything against the aggressive power of Huntelaar, Robben and the rest. Even the ban of Twitter use for the duration of the Euro 2012, for his team will not help Danish trainer Morte Olsen. I is meant to prevent the leak of locker room strategies…

Wett-Tipp: During the qualifications, Holland has scored 37 goals in 10 matches. Denmark managed to score 15 goals in 8 games, at least! With such a high probability to score goals, the first match of the European Championship will be very thrilling with a high chance to see many goals. This is the reason, we suggest a over 2.5 bet which bets on more than 2,5 goals - at least three. The odds on this kind of bet are most of the time really good. Our reviews show that the bookmaker sportingbet provides very high odds in this area.

GROUP B, 09. Jun 18:45

Arena Lviv, Lviv


The first huge highlight of the Euro 2012 is, without a doubt, the encounter of Germany and Portugal, when the rank 2 of the FIFA world rankings meets rank 5! The last two encounters where won by Germany and this time as well we predict a victory for Joachim Löw’s team. Portugal even almost didn’t manage the qualification for the Euro 2012, this time. Despite Christiano Ronaldo and Nani the Iberians have no world class players in their team, whereas the German team is the exact opposite... They have a young and talented team with players of the world elite and they have won every single match in the qualifications.

Wett-Tipp: No guts, no glory! Germany is one of the most accurate teams of the Euro 2012 and managed to score amazing 29 goals in the last 10 matches! Most likely Podolski and Co. will be able to score a few goals, which is the reason we suggest a 0:1 handicap bet on Germany! Very good odds on a German victory with 2 goals advantage are offered by bookmaker youwin.

GROUP C, 10. Jun 16:00

PGE Arena, Gdansk


Spain is the best bet for the title at the European Championship 2012 in Poland and the Ukraine. The current World and European Champion could only win once against the Squadra Azzurra, before. This was in the quarter finals of the Euro 2008. At least in theory the superiority of the Spanish team is intimidating because the team of Vincente del Bosque is worth 620 Million Euro. More than twice as much as the Italian team! So, if everything works out as it should, the Italian team will definitely loose, which is the reason we suggest a bet on Spain.

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GROUP C, 10. Jun 18:45

Municipal Stadium, Poznan


The two countries Ireland and Croatia have only met once before. This was last year in August and the match ended in a very boring 0:0 tie. At the Euro 2012 we expect a thrilling and aggressive match, instead. This is due to the fact that for both teams this is already kind of a final match because none of them stands a chance against the mighty top favorites Spain and Italy. For Ireland it is the second participation in the last round of a European Championship, altogether. This is why we bet that they will lose to Croatia. Croatia, in the end, is a whole different story than their qualification opponents Armenia, Macedonia and Andorra. As the Irish trainer Giovanni Trappatoni said so wisely, once: “Football is Ding, Dang, Dong – not just Ding!”.

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GROUP D, 11. Jun 16:00

Donbass Arena, Donetsk


The match France versus England will be the best encounter of the entire Euro 2012 preliminaries in Poland and the Ukraine. So far the Three Lions managed to win 16 out of 26 encounters with the Grande Nation, this time it could prove to be a tough piece of work, though. Even though the French coach Laurent Blanc just speaks of the Euro 2012 as a “preparation” for the next European Championship in their own country, it will still be a thrilling match. England is not a team for tournaments and never before managed to win a European Championship. Still we will not bet on a defeat of the team of Roy Hodgson. Our prediction is a well earned draw. This one point will be very important for either team, in the end, because it will help to reach the quarter finals…

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GROUP D, 11. Jun 18:45

Olympic Stadium, Kiev


The match Sweden versus the Ukraine will conclude the first playing day of the Euro 2012. It is the first time ever for the Ukraine to take part in a European Championship final round and this time, as well, they would probably not have been able to qualify. This will be reason enough to predict a defeat of the host against the Swedish team around world class player Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Not even the home advantage will change this. By the way, the last encounter of those two teams was also lost by the Ukraine with a final score of 0:1, last year.

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GROUP A, 12. Jun 16:00

Municipal Stadium, Wroclaw


The match Greece vs. Czech Republic promises to be very thrilling because the Czech team has some unfinished business with the Greeks! In the European Championship of 2004 Czech lost to the later European Champion thanks to a Silver Goal in the extra time, resulting in a final score if 0:1. So far the Czech team was unable to beat the Greeks but this time their chances of winning aren’t half bad. The Czech national coach Michal Bilek managed to pair up his veterans, like Petr Cech and Milan Baros, with fresh new talents. The success of this “rejuvenation” could already be seen in the qualification matches to the Euro 2012 where the Czech team scored a very good second place, right behind the current European Champion Spain. Fernando Santos’ old Greeks, who are an average age of 28, will have to use everything they have got in store, in order to defeat the Czech team. Our betting tip for the encounter on the 12th of June is a tight victory for the Eastern European underdog!

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GROUP A, 12. Jun 18:45

National Stadium, Warsaw


Not only because of the hooligan scene of both countries, the encounter Russia vs. Poland on the 12th of June, promises to be an explosive event! So far, both countries only met once, in the year of 2007. Back then, the match ended in a 2:2 draw. The older gentlemen from Russia, with an average age of 28,9, can enter the match with a lot of self-confidence and already secure their participation in the quarter finals with a victory. For this year’s host Poland it is already a fight for their life. In case of defeat they would only have scored one point in two matches. In their opening match against Greece, they started out very strong but after the Polish keeper Wojciech Szczesny has been sent off, the power was gone. Our prediction for the match on Tuesday is as follows: Russia will score a second victory because the team of trainer legend Dick Advocaat simply performed to well in walking over the Czech team, already.

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GROUP B, 13. Jun 16:00

Arena Lviv, Lviv


The Danish provided the first big sensation of this year’s Euro 2012 in defeating the favored Dutch team. In their second match they could make the sensation complete if they defeat Portugal and thus secure the ticket to the quarter finals, early on. The last encounter of both teams in October 2011 ended good for the Danish team, as well. They scored a 2:1 victory. This time, Portugal is the clear favorite, though, because Ronaldo and his team are fighting for their lives. Put under pressure, the Portuguese team will use a different tactic then just trying to play defensively, like in their match against Germany. And this will finally put into play the offensive force of Ronaldo and Nani….

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GROUP B, 13. Jun 18:45

Metalist Stadium, Kharkiv


The all time classic Holland vs. Germany is due! After the German team could beat a strong Portuguese team, they could make the quarterfinals safe, on the second match day, already. The German coach Jogi Löw knows how important this match is and let his team train in secret on Monday. It is speculated that maybe Miroslav Klose will be put into action because Mario Gomez was critiqued heavily for his unimaginative playing style. Bert van Marwijks team is expected to enter the match as they did before. Hopefully the unlucky striker Arjen Robben will be on the team again. We expect a a tight victory for Germany!

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GROUP C, 14. Jun 16:00

Municipal Stadium, Poznan


The Squaddra Azzurra could destroy any doubts about the good condition, they are in, with their 1:1 performance they showed against Spain in their opening match. “This is Italy! We grew mentally and physically!” said a proud trainer Cesare Pradeli after the match. But Croatia will be the next tough opponent, they have to face. The Croatian team managed to win the only former encounter against Italy, by a hair’s breadth and with their clear victory against Ireland they showed that they are no underdog, any more. We still believe that Italy is going to win this match because, just like at the World Championship in 2006, the betting scandal seems to have a good impact on the Tifosi!

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GROUP C, 14. Jun 18:45

PGE Arena, Gdansk


Whoever thinks that the FC Chelsea played to defensively against the Bayern München in the Champions League Finals, will love the match Spain vs. Ireland! Giovanni Trappatoni’s Irishmen will probably stand on the goal line with 10 players… It is not like they had any other choice because the football dwarf simply cannot meet the expertise of the Spanish team. Most likely, the chances for entering the quarter finals have already been gone when they lost against Croatia. After Spain, Italy is waiting for Ireland, thus our prediction for this match is a clear victory for Spain without any serious resistance from Ireland.

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GROUP D, 15. Jun 16:00

Donbass Arena, Donetsk


So far the Ukraine met France 6 times and was not able to beat them even once. On this second match day of the Euro 2012, the chances are not half as bad, though. In their first match against Sweden, this year’s host presented themselves in a way that suggested that they are willing to fight. Combined with their strong home advantage, the Ukraine could have some serious chances of repeating their surprise victory. The Tricolore, on the other hand, could not really convince in their first match against England. Maybe the high expectations on Ribery and his team are to be blamed. It will definitely be a serious match against the Ukraine and it will not be easier the first one. Beacause of the fact that this European Championship has seen a lot of draws, already, we suggest betting on a tie between France and the Ukraine, with small stakes.

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GROUP D, 15. Jun 18:45

Olympic Stadium, Kiev


In November 2011, the Three Lions won a tight victory against Sweden with a 1:0. The result of this second match day encounter of Group D will probably be very close, as well. Both teams are already fighting for their lives because no team could win the first match. The English team showed a better performance in their 1:1 match against France, though. This is the reason we suggest a bet on the motherland of football. Keeper Joe Hart who, compared to English standards, performed very well in the past matches. He will most likely be one of the reasons why the English team will be victorious. Another winning guarantor for the English team is national coach Roy Hodgson. With his experience, he managed to form a solid unit from the former bunch of individuals, in a very short time.

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GROUP A, 16. Jun 18:45

Municipal Stadium, Wroclaw


The match Czech Republic vs. Poland could qualify either team for the quarter finals! The last encounter of the two neighboring countries, three years ago, ended with a Czech victory. This time Poland, the host of the Euro 2012, has the advantage. The players Blaszczykowski, Piszcek and Lewandowski were at their best again in the match against Russia. Also they have the home advantage and thus will score a victory in their last group match. Additionally, the regular keeper Wojciech Szcezny who was suspended after a foul in the first match, will be playing again and provide stability for Milan Baros and Co.

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GROUP A, 16. Jun 18:45

National Stadium, Warsaw


Sbornaja, watch out! With a victory, Greece could finish the preliminaries in front of Russia, due to a better overall score. Out of ten previous encounters, Greece was only able to win one match, though. And this time, as well, they will not be victorious. Russia, especially young star Alan Dsagojew (3 goals in this tourney), is just in too good a shape. The old gentleman from Greece will probably play a little bit more aggressive this time because they are last of Group A, with only one point. Being aggressive could backfire, though, because of Russia’s quick strikers. We recommend a victory bet on Russia.

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GROUP B, 17. Jun 18:45

Metalist Stadium, Kharkiv


The Dutch team still has a theoretical chance of entering the quarter finals. In order to do so, they would have to win against Portugal with an advantage of at least 2 goals and they have to hope on a clear defeat of Denmark. The big question of the final match against Portugal will be if Arjen Robben manages to get the shit off his feet, which currently appears to be stuck there. The Oranjes only managed to score one goal in 36 shots on the goal, which is not acceptable, at all. Netherland’s cult coach Huub Stevens is very pessimistic, looking at the last match day of Group B: “I am close to certain that they (the Dutch team, editor’s note) will be kicked out and that Germany and Portugal or even Denmark will advance to the quarter finals.”, he said in an Interview. We predict a first class match which will be very fight heavy and probably not see a winner!

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GROUP B, 17. Jun 18:45

Arena Lviv, Lviv


The German national team could live up to their role of being a favorite, so far. With a draw against Denmark, they could get the group victory. But the numbers do not look so good for the team of Jogi Löw: 3 consecutive matches without a victory against the Scandinavians, the last one reaching back as far as 16 years. We are certain, that Germany will win their third preliminary match, as well, and kick the Danish team out, though. Danish Dynamite showed a very good defensive playing style against the Netherlands and Portugal but their offense was too weak. Everything indicates that German keeper Manuel Neuer will struggle with boredom again, because the match will be played in the Danish half of the playing field.

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GROUP C, 18. Jun 18:45

PGE Arena, Gdansk


Spain and Croatia will distribute the first two places of Group C, amongst them. Both of the teams would be able to secure the group victory, if they win this match. This is going to be a thrilling match. If it should result in a draw of 2:2 or above, both would advance and Italy would have been kicked out. The Spanish team gained more self confidence after the clear victory against Ireland and they have a few different playing tactics at their disposal. What the lineup of Spanish Coach, Del Bosque will look like is still not clear. Maybe he will think of something entirely new. All he said so far is that he would play to win. “We are sportsmen, after all!”, he said in an interview and soothed the Italian team, which is depending on support now. We recommend betting on a Spanish victory!

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GROUP C, 18. Jun 18:45

Municipal Stadium, Poznan


Italy will have to defeat Ireland, after they scored two draws in their previous games, in order to surpass Croatia or Spain. An Irish newspaper recently wrote: “The match against Italy will not be more than a day trip.” But whoever knows Giovanni Trappatoni, will know that he is going to do everything in his power to score off his home country. The trainer of the Squadra Azzurra, Cesare Prandelli, has no easy task because Italy has to win but cannot allow the Irish team to counterattack. The last encounter, which was over a year ago, ended in a victory for Ireland, to anyone’s surprise. This time, though, we predict a victory for Italy.

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GROUP D, 19. Jun 18:45

Donbass Arena, Donetsk


With their spectacular 3:2 victory against the Swedish team, the Three Lions kicked all their frustration away, as well. At the last match day of Group D, England will be able to reach the quarter finals in their own right. This year’s host, the Ukraine, will try everything, to stop them, though. The last time, the Ukraine beat England was a match that ended 1:0, during the qualifications for the World Championship in 2010. Of course, this already dates back some time and this time, the English team is the clear favorite. The English national coach, Roy Hodgson, seriously has a luxury problem, now. Additionally to the goal scorers Carroll, Walcott and Welbeck, top star Wayne Rooney can finally play again: “Wayne will play at his position as low top.”, said Hodgson in an interview. We advise, placing a bet on a victory for the motherland of football!

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GROUP D, 19. Jun 18:45

Olympic Stadium, Kiev


Sweden has nothing to lose in this last group match because they are already out of the tournament. France will have to defeat them clearly, though, because otherwise, England could beat them to the top position and they probably would have to face horror opponent Spain, in the quarter finals. In the past, Sweden and France met four times and Sweden never won. This time as well,we predict a French victory. The Swedish defense showed too many flaws in the matches against the Ukraine and England. The quick French midfielder Ménez, Cabaye and Nasri should have no problems, expoiting those…

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QUARTER-FINALS, 21. Jun 18:45

National Stadium, Warsaw


The Czech Republic and Portugal both lost their first match of the Euro 2012. Still they meet in the first match of this year’s quarter finals. At the last European Championship, Portugal won 3:1 against Czech in Group A and this time, as well, they have the advantage. After Christiano Ronaldo finally found his form during the last match of the preliminaries, it is most likely that the defensively weak Czechs have to fear him, as well. The young national coach of Portugal, Paulo Bento, rejects being put in the role of a favorite, though: “The Czech team proved that they can deal with not being in the lead and they can definitely turn matches around. Our players have to regenerate fast. Then we will analyze the opponent thoroughly and work on the right strategy. We want to enter the semi finals.”, he said in an interview after they defeated the Netherlands. We predict a sovereign victory for Portugal because Ronaldo is in his best condition now.

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QUARTER-FINALS, 22. Jun 18:45

Donbass Arena, Donetsk


Never before, the Greek national team managed to defeat Germany. This time, as well the team of Jogi Löw is the clear favorite. This is a fact. Germany managed to come out in first place of the “death group” with three victories. The Greeks still seem to be in seventh heaven, after their surprising victory in the Euro 2004. This is the only way to explain how midfielder Costas Katsouranis (who predicted the 1:0 victory over Russia, as well) could get the idea of predicting to defeat Germany after a penalty shootout. Maybe a little Ouzo was involved because they definitely had reason to celebrate after entering the quarter finals in this spectacular manner. Realistically put, a victory for Germany should not be more than a formality. Especially, as their most accurate shooter, and captain, Georgios Karagounis, will not be able to play due to a questionable yellow card ban. We predict the first secure victory of at least two goals difference, for the German team in this year’s European Championship.

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QUARTER-FINALS, 23. Jun 18:45

PGE Arena, Gdansk


The quarter final match Spain vs. France is going to be one of the top matches of this year’s European Championship! Both teams have been considered to be top favorites of the Euro 2012 but could not live up to the expectations. The Équipe Tricolore showed alarming weaknesses in their 0:2 defeat against the already eliminated Swedish team. Mexes and Rami, the two center defenders, were especially weak. They could not do a thing against Ibrahimovic and if they stay in this condition, the Spanish offense will have easy prey. Still, the current World and European Champion is in no better shape. They almost managed to lose against Croatia. After this tight advance to the quarter finals, the Spanish coach, Vincente del Bosque is pessimistic: “Let’s wait if we manage to enter the final round. In football, no team is unbeatable. But we know that we have a chance to get the title.” He said in an interview. We predict a tight victory for the favored Spanish team in this quarter final match.

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QUARTER-FINALS, 24. Jun 18:45

Olympic Stadium, Kiev


The encounter England vs. Italy is the next highlight of this year’s European Championship. Before the Euro 2012 started, no one would have guessed that England is going to score the group victory and their last victory was really something to discuss about, thanks to the goal that was no goal on the Ukrainian side. The last 15 years, England lost every single match against the Tifosi. If the Three Lions do not kick in the next gear this time, the Italians will manage to win this quarter final match. Italy’s coach, Roberto Mancini, does not want to hear anything about being the favored team for this match and praises his English colleague, Roy Hodgson: “The English team shows signs of a good and well experienced trainer, like Capello. And Hodgson is the right man to continue in this path.” He said in an Interview. Another advantage the English team has, is Wayne Rooney, who is not banned anymore and who scored the victory goal against the Ukraine. One man cannot decide the result of a match, though, and this is why we suggest betting on a tight Italian victory, maybe even in the extra time…

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SEMI-FINALS, 27. Jun 18:45

Donbass Arena, Donetsk


In the first match of this year’s Euro 2012 semi finals, the World and European Champion, Spain, will encounter Portugal. “The Spaniards want Ronaldo – now they get him!”, a Portuguese newspaper wrote recently. It remains unclear if Ronaldo’s one man show can defeat the Tiki Taka passing play style of the Spanish team. The Portuguese trainer Paulo Bento definitely has to build his tactic without mid striker Helder Postinga because he suffered a muscle injury in the right thigh, while playing against the Czech team in the quarter finals. Still, the “Selecção” is very optimistic: ”Our team’s strength comes from the collective. Ronaldo is our flag, our image, the best in the world.”, said Portuguese defensive player Ricardo Costa in a press conference. During the last World Championship in 2010, Spain could defeat Portugal with a final score of 1:0 in the quarter finals. Even back then, Spain did not play pretty but tactically efficient. Also, Spain won 15 out of their last 17 tourney matches (Euro 2012, World Cup 2010, Euro 2008), 11 of those even without goals against! We predict a victory for Spain, the current European Champion, over Portugal.

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SEMI-FINALS, 28. Jun 18:45

National Stadium, Warsaw


Never before could a German national team beat Italy in a big tourney. The memory of the last defeat during the World Cup 2006, is still very present for every German fan. Germanys Mesut Özil said at a press conference: “ 2006 is the past. We look ahead […] the past is of no interest to us!”. In fact, no one would have believed that the old gentlemen from Italy will get into the semi finals with their slumberous playing style. Just before the Euro 2012 a few betting fraudsters were discovered among the Tifosi which led to strong disturbances in the team. Italy’s goal keeper Buffon said himself that he already bet millions on matches, before. Being the goal keeper he could let the one our other ball slip, which is the reason we hope that he bet on Germany, this time. Mario Botelli, the Italian scandal striker said prior to the Euro 2012, he would “get off the field and go home”, as soon as he sees himself confronted with racist incidents. During the preliminary match with Croatia, bananas were thrown on the field and Croatia had to pay a fine of €25.000. Balotelli is still there, which does not exactly help his credibility. We are certain that this time, Germany will kick the Squadra Azzurra out of the tourney and suggest a victory bet on Germany. This prediction is helped by the fact that this time the pope is a German, as well, and hopefully sides with his fellow countrymen. No Italian prayer will be heard. Germany will devastate Italy! Amen.

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FINAL, 01. Jul 18:45

Olympic Stadium, Kiev


In the final match of the Euro 2012 the current World and European Champion Spain will meet Italy. In the first half of the season, they already played a very good 1:1 draw. We expect to see an amazing final match because both teams announced that they would do anything to win. Spain could really make history with a third consecutive tourney victory: ”We made history before and we will continue to do so!” said Spain’s Iker Casillas in an Interview. The Tifosi will definitely not make it easy for Spain because the team of Cesare Prandelli finally wants another European Championship title, after waiting for 44 years now. ”We must not fear Spain!” said Prandelli in an interview and continues: ”Ever since the match in Danzig we grew mentally and physically!” Still, the Euro 2012 title will go to Spain, once more. This will not happen in the regular playing time, though, because we predict a decision by penalty shootout. Just like in the quarter finals of 2008, Italy will lose this to Spain.

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