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Rating:Sportsbook Rating 8/10
Origin:Curacao (1998)
Bonus:Not available.
Betting Odds: Very high, Sports: 17
Support:  E-mail (csd@pinnaclesports.com)
Betting Limits: Variable, up to $200.000
Active Players: ~100.000
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PinnacleSports Intro


  • market leader in terms of high odds
  • very good for bonus clearing
  • high limits
  • no commission


  • very small range of offered in-play bets

Pinnaclesports Introduction

Pinnaclesports was founded in the year of 1998 and has been considered to be one of the best sportsbooks on the internet, ever since. This company is especially valued by professional gamblers for its good combination of high limits and odds above average. Oftentimes, PinnacleSports even holds the best odds of the entire industry.

Pinnaclesports high odds do not come by chance: They are based on a unique bookmaking model.

The innovative bookmaking model of PinnacleSports

Whilst other sportsbooks try to attract new customers via bonus offers, Pinnaclesports simply focuses on their very attractive and oftentimes unbeatable high odds. Those are made possible by very slim profit margins and the complete dismissal of bonus offers. Profit margins are only 1 - 5%, whereas other sportsbooks oftentimes charge up to 10 15%. Of course, the money saved in this way profits the high odds.

Additionally to the very high odds, there are other good reasons to give PinnacleSports a try: Pinnaclesports does not charge any commissions at all a huge difference to the famous betting fairs betfair and betdaq, both of which offer similar odds but charge up to 5% commission on them.

Also the betting limits at PinnacleSports are exceptionally high. Despite the high odds it is still no problem at all to bet several thousand Euros on all possible kinds of sports, at that.

The range of offered bets is just another argument on the plus side of Pinnaclesports. Especially fans of the US sports will like it here. PinnacleSports offers one of the best ranges in terms of US sports, by far. The rest of the range of offered bets is very convincing as well. They cover all different kinds of sports including sports as soccer and motor sports as well as boxing and athletics.

In-Play Betting at PinnacleSports

In-Play betting (live betting) is one of the very few aspects at Pinnaclesports leaving room for criticism. Only in terms of soccer it is somewhat satisfying. However the entire in-play section is bound to be improved within the year. We will report on this here.


Customer support is very efficient at Pinnaclesports. It can be reached 24 hours a day and 7 days a week via email. They always answer quickly and in a very professional manner.


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